Fionia Apartment Complex – Seattle,WA



Project Details

Seattle, Washington is one of North America’s most beautiful locations but if you call Seattle your home, you know that it rains – a lot. In fact, the Emerald City (as it called) gets an average of 38 inches of rain a year. The US average is about the same. That’s a lot of cold nights. With cold nights becoming more difficult to keep cost effective, the Fionia Apartment Complex needed a new boiler system to replace the outdated equipment.  

When the complex decided to install a new system, they reached out to a local contractor to take on the replacement. 

Constructed in 1922, the Fiona Apartment Complex is a vintage building settled close to the Seattle Center and Key Arena in the Lower Queen Anne section of Seattle. Between the complex’s units, and laundry facility — which gets through a few tons of laundry per year — the complex’s aging equipment couldn’t keep up with the hot water demand for the residents of the building. The Fionia complex houses residents in 59- unit 5-story complex. At any time, the complex can have many as all showers running at one time, which means the building needs a continuous flow of hot water for all residents 

The steam original system installed 65 years ago, needed to be replaced before a potential failure. The Fionia management team decided to update the outdated heating unit to be more energy-efficient, increase reliability and reduce heating costs. 


Clearview Mechanical took on the task of replacing the steam unit.
They had the responsibility of finding an efficient method of heating that fionia2.jpgwould accommodate all residents of the building while saving space in the mechanical room. 

Clearview Mechanical is a Greater Seattle based contractor established in 1995. They are known in Seattle and the surrounding areas for their work in the commercial plumbing industry. Making them a perfect fit for the system update.

The team suggested Triangle Tube Prestige boilers installed with a cascaded 3 boiler system to support the needs of the complex. The installed system was efficient and could handle the ever-changing load of the building.

Triangle Tube's Prestige has the capability to modulate with a turndown ratio of up to 16.5:1. This modulation means the boiler will alter its firing rate to meet the
current demand, causing less cyclic behavior and resulting in less wear and tear
lower operating costs for residents.



 The Clearview Mechanical team went with a Triangle Tube Prestige Boilers for three reasons:

  • EfficiencyTriangle Tube boilers have a 95% AFUE rating which allows for cost-effectiveness for the residents and potential rebates for the complex. The Prestige cascade is controlled internally so no need for an external zone panel. This saves money and setup time.
  • Space– The complex engineer and Clearview Mechanical team decided to save space within the mechanical room. Our Prestige boilers can be cascaded in a system that saves space in tight areas. With the Prestige there is also ample cabinet space for maintenance
  • Reliability– The Clearview Mechanical Team has been a Triangle Tube customer for years. They trust Triangle Tube products to deliver the same quality from boiler to boiler.