Prestige Condensing Combi Boiler

Prestige Excellence

The Prestige boiler features the uniquely designed stainless steel heat exchanger and boasts 95% efficiency across the entire range. The Prestige has the capability to modulate with a turndown ratio of up to 5.5:1. This modulation means the boiler will alter its firing rate to meet the current demand, causing less cyclic behavior and resulting in lower operating costs. The CTRLMax Control makes configuration quick and easy with setup in 60 seconds or less for standard installations. For unique installations, the 4 circulator outputs are fully configurable for endless customization.

Warranty Info

At Triangle Tube, our goal is to deliver the highest quality products to customers throughout North America. As part of our continued commitment, we offer a Peace of Mind Industry-Leading Three Point (Good / Better / Best) Warranty Program. This program offers coverage up to 6-year parts and 3-year labor allowance and 10-year primary heat exchanger warranty. Prestige units installed after July 1, 2019, fall under the Three Point (Good / Better /Best) Warranty Program.
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Industry Certifications

Features and Benefits

  • 439 Stainless Steel Fire Tube Heat Exchanger
  • Turndown ratios up to 5.5:1
  • South Coast Air Quality Management District Listed
  • Peace of Mind Industry-Leading Three Point (Good / Better / Best) Warranty Program
  • Efficiency Rating of 95%
  • ASME Certified
  • Energy Star Listed
  • Natural Gas or Propane
  • Fully Modulating
  • Quiet Operation
  • 60 Second Set-up
  • Integrated Cascade Function for up to 6 Boilers
  • Two Reset Curves / Set Points
  • Multiple Zone Control

Product Comparison

Model Fuel Input Modulation (mbh) Turndown AFUE DOE Heating Capacity (mbh) Net AHRI Rating (mbh) DHW Flow Rate 70F (gpm)
Instinct 155 NG/LP 19 to 155 8 : 1 95% 142 123 4.0
Instinct 199 NG/LP 24 to 199 8 : 1 95% 184 159 5.3
Prestige Excellence NG/LP 20 to 110 5.5 : 1 95% 102 89 3.0