Why it’s important to get the BEST out of your install

Written By: Chad Marzitelli, Triangle Tube Midwest Sales Manager   

If you’re like most contractors, you’re looking to get the BEST  for your clients.

Let’s describe the BEST scenario.

You’ve just installed the picture-perfect clean boiler. You can’t wait to get this boiler up and running so you can proudly post your install on your website and social media. You’re filled with pride and excitement to show this off to all your industry friends because this project was very challenging due to the extremely limited space of the mechanical room.

Even with the challenges, you may have encountered, this installation could not have been piped any better. All the water & gas piping, venting, high voltage, low voltage wiring, and pumps on this system are all symmetrically piped – man…This is BEAUTIFUL! Now you’re ready to power this boiler up!

Just like your install, your boiler lights off beautifully. You’re feeling good. The homeowner knows with a 100% certainty you’re the absolute best contractor they could have chosen for the install.

Maybe at some point in the next few years, you get the dreaded phone call, the boiler isn’t operating properly. You wonder what it could be. Even though the issue happening with the boiler is not related to your craftsmanship, you feel a responsibility to the end-user to complete the diagnosis of the system and determine the issue.

Nice, you were able to quickly obtain and install the part that was needed to fix the problem.

Better yet, you’ve installed a Triangle Tube Instinct or Prestige which offers the BEST warranty, the part was covered underneath the warranty.

So, what makes Triangle Tube warranty – the BEST? The answer is a three-point warranty program.

Good –
The GOOD entry- level warranty, offers a 2 -year parts and 10-year primary heat exchanger warranty that comes standard with every installation.

Better –
The MID-level, BETTER warranty gives the contractor a 5-year parts, 2- Year labor, and 10- year heat exchanger warranty with the registration of the install by providing homeowner and contractor information.

Best –
The BEST, the highest tier of the warranty, contractors could be eligible for a 6-year parts, 3-year labor allowance, and 10-year primary heat exchanger warranty. The contractor will also be added to Triangle Tube’s “Find a Contractor search” tool for future customers to find contractors in their area that have installed Triangle Tube boilers.

Eligibility for the BEST level warranty is simple and easy.  Resister the installation, enter in the combustion analysis information, and take a photo of the results. That’s it, that is all it takes for the installation to be eligible for the BEST warranty. This warranty is a value both you, the contractor, and the end-user can benefit from.

Watch a video to see how easy it is to perform a Combustion Analyzer test here. 

It’s the quality built products that allow Triangle Tube to offer this marketing-leading warranty program. Read more about our Three-point warranty program here.

Triangle Tube’s  GOOD, BETTER, and BEST Three-Point Warranty is available on Instinct and Prestige units installed on or after July 1st, 2019.

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