Why Continuing Training For Plumbing is Important

The inter-workings of the Prestige A at Triangle Tube’s Training Facility in West Deptford, NJ

The Trends in Plumbing & HVAC
Today the market for reduced energy usage, higher efficiency, lower CO2 emissions and smaller footprints has turned the new equipment market place into an overhaul of technology. A change not seen in the U.S. since the early 80’s with the development of the sealed natural gas combustion chamber. In an effort to combat the rising costs of living, homeowners are exploring new ways to cut costs and increase savings. Standing pilot, naturally aspirated, and chimney vented options are all becoming obsolete, and replaced with negative pressure, modulating, and condensing appliances. With the ever changing shifts in technology, Plumbing and HVAC professionals must continually learn how to properly install, maintain, and service this equipment.

The Value of Continuing Training
Ongoing training is a necessary overhead that helps professionals continue to learn and understand the product. Technicians that have a better understanding of what they’re selling are naturally more productive in servicing and troubleshooting equipment. A contractor who is comfortable with a product can thoroughly educate their customer and answer any questions they may have. This is a confidence builder for clients; it makes it clear that YOU KNOW what you’re talking about—resulting in increased sales, satisfied buyers, and repeat business. The

Traditional Classroom
Outside of trial and error, classroom training is arguably the best foundation for producing knowledgeable service professionals. It arms you with the tools necessary to quickly troubleshoot any issues you may encounter in the field. This is also a great way for Contractors to get to know the manufacturers and distributors behind the product. It’s information, guidelines, tips and tricks directly from the source. While you can get a simple overview from a product brochure, that information is meant to complement the hands on experience you get in a training classroom. An added benefit is that skilled instructors know that no two classes are alike. This allows the Product Specialists to mold their training courses to fit the needs of audience. That’s something a product pamphlet just can’t do.

The Virtual Training Center
The internet has become a useful tool for training. The fact that most people carry smart phones and tablets with them everywhere they go means that information is readily available 24/7. For Field Technicians, tools like a frequently asked questions section for troubleshooting or product training videos are a must. While these are no substitute for the classroom, certain circumstances may prevent a contractor from attending a traditional training session. In a world where everything is quote “instantaneous”, professionals cannot be limited to training just in classrooms.

Whether your Young or Old, Amateur or Pro; everyone can benefit from a little training.

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