Read The Manual!

Written By: Bryce Malone, Triangle Tube Western Sales Manager  

Remember when you used to buy something and it had an actual paper manual? There was a time when you had an actual paper booklet sent with your new purchase.  This manual showed you step-by-step how to complete your installation.  Now,  everything is online.  What happens when you are on a service call and there’s no cell service? Access to information is limited.  These limits can create huge problems.
More often than not, calls to the tech line are usually answered within the pages of these “unicorns” known as manuals.  In today's world, many products, boilers included using the same components (gas valves, Heat exchangers, Controls, etc)  or at least products that use similar components that tend to work the same. 
There is tremendous value in reading the instructions before doing the work.  It will save you some significant time ahead of your visit and more importantly money. 
Time spent troubleshooting a boiler with the tech guys is typically not something you get paid for.  These manuals, if done properly, can walk you through the problem areas and give you an idea of what to look for if you uncover certain conditions.  None are perfect, but they can help you learn the root cause of issues you may face during installation.
Moral of the story, reading the manual will more than likely answer the question you have and save you precious time and get you to the next job faster. 
But in any case, we have a fully staffed tech line here to help you at any time and free of charge!


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