What is No-Fault Forward?

Triangle Tube’s Instinct is produced with the No-Fault Forward production system.  The system is a strategy created to deliver the highest quality products.  Every Instinct goes through a rigorous manufacturing process, which ensures that each boiler receives over 200 quality checks before leaving the factory.  Every stage of production is checked, and the boiler must pass before it goes to the next phase.  We don’t audit because the system checks itself.  The system produces accountability in every step – or it does not pass.  No-fault protects us from putting a bad boiler out in the hands of the contractor.   We’ve built unquestionable strength in the No-Fault Forward production system which is driven by our people and in the manufacturing system.   No-Fault Forward has created reliably, quality and consistency for the Triangle Tube Instinct.

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No-Fault Forward Production

Watch and see how Triangle Tube’s high-efficiency boiler is produced with a “No-fault Forward” quality control.

Built To Perform


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