Zion United Methodist Chuch – Myerstown, PA

Project Details
When Zion United Methodist Church in Myerstown, Pennsylvania was lookingZion-(1).png
for a more modern heating system to bring new life to the building, they reached out to Dan of Dale E. Wentling Inc. to come up with a plan. He had the task of finding the church a system that would support the influx of visitors while
services were in session.

Zion United Methodist wanted to update the current heating system before a potential boiler failure. The church had the original boiler from the early 1970s
and decided to look for a replacement to install to reduce heating costs and be more energy efficient. Instead of being without heat until a contractor could
take on the replacement, they decided to be proactive. 

Dan suggested Triangle Tube Prestige boilers in a cascaded system to support
the church's needs. He wanted to find a system that was cost-efficient, easy to install and maintain, and could handle the load of the building.

Dan chose to install the Prestige cascading system for three reasons. First, efficiency. Triangle Tube Prestige boilers have a 95% efficiency rating which
allows for cost-effectiveness when the boiler is not in use- making heating bills more affordable. Second, the ease of installation. Dan stated “The premade mounting bracket made this a very clean and easy install. Customer support
has been very good with any questions and concerns we have had.” Lastly,
Convenience. Dan liked knowing that if there were ever any issues with the
system, the church would be able to operate on two boilers until maintenance
could be performed.